Get to Know the Right Business Trends for Your Business with JT Foxx


Managing a business, big or small, is not that simple. Sometimes, even if you are surrounded with tons of available marketing tools, you can’t guarantee that all of these will work to meet your needs. That is the reason why you should know the right business trends for your business in order for you to get results in the end.

JT Foxx as the number one wealth coach and serial entrepreneur already knows almost all about businesses. With his hard work and dedication to make a difference, he ended up successful while helping others to succeed like him. If you want to know the secrets of Foxx, below are some of the business trends that he revealed:

• CEO Marketing

For Foxx, this will going to be a game changer for numerous businesses. Majority of individuals just delegate their marketing to anyone or somebody and pay them a huge amount of money even if they give zero or little results. For every starter, this tactic will led them to failure as these individuals make less than you and do not understand how your business works.

Jt FoxxThey do not also grasp your vision and have wild expectations. If you are a business owner, you should be the CEO marketer as no one knows about your business more than you do, unless that someone is a genius and can make any business succeed. Also, being the CEO marketer of your business will also help you reduce overall operational cost.

• Know More about the Market

When managing a business, guessing is never a good idea. You have to know the facts, statistics, and numbers for you to determine the exact thing that you are missing. You have to run your business through statistics, not by gut feelings as these are only used when making decisions. With today’s advancement of technology, tracking everything can be done easily. If you don’t want to get beaten by your competitors, depend on facts, statistics, and numbers because these can make a difference.

Firing some clients who just cause pain in managing your business is also another business trend that you should take for consideration. Even if you think you might lost some potential clients from eliminating some, expect that this move will be much worth as JT Foxx said that getting rid of clients who are just causing headaches don’t deserve the satisfaction offered by your business or company.

Organizing Your Business Plans

For individuals who are interested in setting up their own business plans, it is important to plan ahead in order to establish your plans in an efficient and presentable way. There are many factors that go into successfully writing a business plan, but with a little bit of application, it can be easy.

imagesTo begin writing your plan, think about what you would like for your company to deliver from the audience’s perspective. How do you believe you will be able to meet their demands and what specialties would your business model entail? Planning this before any other aspect of your company can ensure that you have something that you can look back on, no matter where you plan on moving with your business. It can be an effectively cornerstone for you to expand your company around.

After you have determined what your product will be and how you want to establish it, it is important for you to look into your target audience and how you can effectively grab their attention with your plan. This involves doing the necessary research on things such a demographics, and primary interests so that you can better cater your product towards them. Sometimes the research itself can be a vital part of your business plan and where you want to go with it.

business teamwork - business men making a puzzleAnother important part to establishing your business plan is to always plan ahead for your competition. You will need to understand the field as intimately as you can in order to make the most of your potential business transactions in it. This involves taking a forward approach to understand the competition and seeing how you will be able to handle them in accordance to your products and services. Research your competitors, see what they have been doing that have made them successful, and plan ahead to make the most of your future business.

Make sure that your plan is as concise as possible, with as many contingencies as you can manage in the event of any and all situations. You will want to have your bases covered no matter where you plan on proceeding, and taking the time to invest in a good plan that showcases the finer details will allow you to establish yourself as you need to. Remember to always think about the future as well, and see how you can proceed at a steady pace against your competition.

3 Business Plans Every Entrepreneuer Must Have

I am mentoring small businesses and I am amazed at the ideas I read from the entrepreneurs I have the pleasure of meeting.

Unfortunately, not many have well laid out business plans and most use the Internet for planning.

Business-Planning-Docs-articles-1024x421A big percentage of the documents they use from the Internet are impressive, but what they do not understand is that one cannot use a business plan tailored for another region of the world to fully execute his specific business.

Business concepts are similar universally, but execution and sustainability differ depending on one’s environment and market.

The business plans I have read display glorified projections and their market analysis clearly depicts great profit.

In short, one look at a business plan will tell you that some issues have yet to be thought out clearly. For example, competition, risk, challenges and so forth.

Before embarking on your venture, draft at least three business plans.


This plan is the truest of them all. I refer to it as the naked business plan. It covers almost everything including risk and possibility of failure. No business life lesson can be complete without a discussion on risks and risk management and no business can be started without embracing risk.

Risks are inherent in everything we do – business risk management is the key to ensuring risks are identified and a plan-B or C thought out. Some risks we can control while others we cannot.

This plan should cover who you are as an individual, what your honest strengths and weaknesses are and how you will handle stumbling blocks or closure.

Close-up picture of hands writing in the business dairy.It should address questions like; Can you persevere through tough times? Do you have a strong desire to be your own boss? Do the judgments you make in life regularly turn out well? Do you have an ability to conceptualise the whole of a business? Do you possess the high level of energy, sustainable over long hours, to make a business successful? Do you have specialised business experience?

Financial projections in the plan should cover, at the very least, five different modules. You should work on the plan yourself and get prepared for any outcome.


I like to call this the headlines business plan. You only have one shot at getting investors – make the best out of it.

This is a plan that shows what team you will be working with and how you plan to invest to make money for investors. Show a well laid out plan that includes short and long term financial gains.

The confidence, coupled with experience, shown in this document will determine whether you get the initial investment you seek.

Financial projections in this case can be three to five years. They are there to show sustained profit. You should not glorify the plan nor try to get a lot of money for the start-up.

You must mention what your competition is and how you plan to create your own niche market – having a business plan that does not have a thorough SWOT analysis could raise the red flag. You might end up not getting financial support.

Pick the right team, get professional advice, try to separate your product from the rest in order to achieve your own niche.

Do not spend too much money. Most people think that having a lot of money is fundamental in starting a business. That is a fallacy – you can make a lot out of very little.